Beautiful is an Energy


I don’t know what it is about massive fields with tall grass on a Beautiful day that makes just want to strip down and frolic.  I forget there is even a camera there and I just Dance in my own energy.

Mother Natures Baby…

20 years ago I did a shoot in a field where I stripped down naked and flowed in Nature.  My Mother has a big photo in her family room of me Naked in the grass from that shoot.  It’s so funny when people compliment her Beautiful Art and she beams when she tells them it’s me.  It throws some people off that she has this naked photo of me hanging for anyone to see even though all my “private” parts are covered.  She says everybody might not see what she sees in me through my photos and all she sees is Beautiful.

My Mom is so Awesome maan


On this day, my friend wanted to hang out and come to my shoot just to see how they go.  She happened to show up right in the middle of my Flow Zone and she was so inspired that I simply asked her if she wanted to shoot.  I knew she had some issues with her body image and weight so I told her to just let all that go and jump in front if the camera.

I didn’t expect her to actually go nude but her whole face lit up and she dropped her dress and jumped into the grass.  She was wearing a beautiful strand of waistbeads I had made for her and her cowboy hat. Her energy was completely different than the self conscious woman who tells me she isn’t happy with her body and can’t see how it can be Beautiful.  She was in her zone and her natural Beauty just came across.

She told me looking at those photos of her nude and fully Naked in the body she was always complaining about changed her whole outlook of how she sees herself.  She said she always thought my pictures came out good because of my nice body but now she realizes how it really is energy and feeling that determines Beautiful.  For the first time in her life she looked at herself and saw a Beautiful Woman.

I thought that was so Awesome

Pretty and Ugly are simply appearances

Beautiful is an Energy




made for her