Blah is Sexy Too

I have such fond memories of Petey…

This day we had been shooting all day outside….

In the Sunshine…at the Park….Beautiful Scenery

Back at his house I told him I wanted to just shoot something quick and fun….

His house was very….


He said he didn’t like how his place looked, or the lighting or anything about it…..

I told him…

It’s cool…

Everything doesn’t have to be all “pretty” or “glammed up” or “set” to just shoot…..

In fact I pulled out my favorite sweater which was all wrinkled up and threw it on….with my favorite black booty bottoms and just grabbed a pair of shoes….

Those Bright Ass Red Heels

I do like creating an image with all the specific scenery, outfits, props, settings, etc…. All of that is Fun to do

However sometimes just working with what you have, where you are, how you are creates a Beautiful Image too….

It doesn’t matter if the lighting isn’t Perfect…it’s okay to be seen in a not so flattering light as well as the the best light

It doesn’t matter  if the room looks plain… it’s okay for shit to be plain looking

It doesn’t matter if my shirt is wrinkled…. I can always iron it out later … or not

Beauty can shine through even in the least glamorous setting

Yes I agreed with him

This shit is kinda “Blah”

but Blah is lookin kinda sexy