Intuitive Body Movement for Women

Over the years I have developed my own style of training the body which I just combined into a version of Feminine Arts.  Movement, Expression, and Engagement with your Self and Life through the Feminine Form.  In a way its similar to Martial Arts Training because it is about focus, discipline and training to move and flow using the Breath and Energy to be Physically Activated and Expressive through the Woman’s Body.  Focus is on the Breath and utilizing it correctly within the body and also the Womb/Core area of the Body for Women.  This area of the body doesn’t have to be worked out hard, broken down or built up of big muscles.  It is meant to be engaged and used to be strong in this area.  This Flow of Movement works with the natural rhythm and movement of Each Woman.

The Core/Womb area is also where Feminine Movement starts.  The diaphragm, pelvis, pelvic floor, hips, abs, back, vagina and glutes all play a part in this area of the body.  If a woman is tight, closed off, stiff, self conscious, inhibited in herself then this area of her body will be uncomfortable to move and flow in.  On the hand if a woman is open and expressed in this area she still may be inhibited and self conscious not truly flowing in her personal integrity.  Being a Woman and Being comfortable in a Woman’s body doesn’t automatically go together so this is perfect for the woman who wants to be uninhibited and truly expressed in her body no matter what her body looks like and at the same time learn how to work it, move it, flow in it and be strong in it.

I provide limited Private Practice services for Women via Skype or **in person** to ensure that she learns how to Relax, Feel, Move & Strengthen her body in the way that truly works for her.  It is the Balance of her Energy, Sexuality, Mind & Body all working in Alignment and flowing Naturally in a way that is enjoyable and easily sustainable for her lifestyle.  If you are interested in Private Practice FlowZensual then

I also offer Private Assessment Consultations via Skype to help you get a general idea of your own Body and How to use it effectively.  If you are interested in a 1 on 1 then