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My first time ever going to a photography studio to shoot photos back when I was around 22 or 23 years old I remember packing up different outfits for different looks.  Feathers, sarongs, jeans, t shirt, dresses….I always tend to shoot themes, creative looks, certain outfits but from that first time I already knew in the back of my mind that what I really wanted to shoot were just full body nude shots.

This was my second time shooting with this photographer.  Our first time out I had on a beautiful black dress fitted at the top flowing out at the hips to the knees with my long kinky hair weave blowing in the wind while I pranced and danced around in almost waist high grass as he shot photos.

In the midst of riding the energy of feeling Beautiful, of being out in nature not to far from the water with no type of mental distractions running through my head of how far I should go because of this or because of that I felt myself gradually easing out of the dress as the camera clicked away.  It was  secluded where we were and my photographer kept on snapping as I kept on my playful striptease in Mother Nature.  I didn’t have on anything under the dress so eventually I was all the way out of the dress, fully Nude, Butt ASS Naked in the grass and my photographer stopped snapping to ask me if I was sure that I wanted to do these types of shots.

I just laughed and told him

“I was born to shoot these types of shots”

For all the years before that I had been taking pictures I realized that I never fully released myself through photography because up until that day I had never stripped down Bare Naked and I knew I was flowing in my natural energy because with the stripping away of the garments came such a feeling of Freedom.  A feeling of Resonance.  A Feeling of Self Assurance without a trace of Self Consciousness of how my body looked knowing that it was being captured to be developed on film and maybe even seen one day.  Since we were shooting with film there was no way I could See and Approve of the photos as they were being snapped.  I was nowhere near aware that photos could actually be edited or enhanced digitally back then and my photographer didn’t have that type of technology anyway.  I had no idea how the photos would look and I didn’t even have the inkling of the notion they would be anything except Beautiful because they would turn out looking how I was feeling.

The photos did come out amazing so when he asked me to come shoot again at his studio for out second shoot I was ready to shoot posed Nude shots.  I had never shot posed body shots before but it came so natural and easy to me my photographer couldn’t believe that I wasn’t a “professional model”.  I needed no direction, no adjusting, no prodding.  I was completely comfortable.  Uninhibited by any sort of mental restrictions.  At that time I didn’t have a website or any type of public platform where I could be seen since social media was in its infant stages back then.  I didn’t model and had no portfolio or anything that I showed people.  I didn’t even have a reason for shooting the photos other than I Loved the energy, the feeling, the space I find myself in when I am in front of the camera and it didn’t matter to me if people saw them or if they didn’t.  I didn’t necessarily hide them from anybody but I also didn’t purposely show them to people.  They were just around.  My Mother saw a poster size print from my nude shoot in the park just thrown in my backseat and she was so amazed by it she took it home, framed it and to this day has it on her wall.  People are in Awe when they see it and in Shock when she tells them its her daughter.  I am clearly naked in very high grass in the photo with none of my “privates” showing but still some people were really thrown off that a Mother would have a Nude photo of her daughter framed in her house.  My Mother always says she see’s me as Art.

Posed Nude Artistic body shots have always been my favorite type of photos to shoot because it wasn’t about Being anything except Present in Myself using my body to express my energy with nothing hiding it, covering it up, or restricting it.


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