Bold & The Beautiful Part 2

You must be prepared to let everything and everybody “go”

What and Who Falls away without resistance will open you to What & Who needs to show up

Release Relationship Constructs that don’t fit you so that you can Relate Authentically with those in your life

Your Physical Body is just as Important as Your Spiritual Being for a Human Experience, Honor It

Beautiful is an Energy you must Embody to reflect outwards

Focus on Speaking, Living, Walking your Truth….Pointing out things that are not your Truth is you being focused on THOSE THINGS

Be Courageous enough to speak outloud what you really want your Life to Be

Prepare for what you want to happen

Old paradigms are Dying…New Ones are Being Born…..

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  1. Asa
    Asa says:

    Hey Tiara. Great words. I just had to cut a long time friend off recently. We been friends for about 10 years, but this dude has some really negative energy and I’m on nothing but positivity right now. I fully understand where you are coming from. We don’t owe people our time or energy, and if they cant appreciate it, then we have to cut them off and keep it moving. Unhappy people will do whatever they can to bring you down. You are a beautiful soul Tiara. I live in Atlanta and wanted to know if men can come to your event?? Let me know and I will be there, I just want to meet you and feel your energy in person.

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