Chasing Waterfalls

There are definitely times when one should stick the rivers and lakes they are used to before they go chasing Waterfalls

This past year I have learned from working with so many Women and Sexual Energy that many want to chase Waterfalls and they really are dangerous when you are not prepared to handle them.

The force of Water is very powerful

For one who doesn’t even know how to control the muscles in their body wouldn’t be able to stabilize themselves in a strong current

For one who doesn’t know how to maintain balance will easily slip off the slippery slopes

For one who doesn’t understand Nature can’t withstand it

I have had to myself really take a step back and re think what I am doing, how I am doing it, why I am doing it and is it really helping others… I have realized that many don’t want to learn the basics but they see me on the Waterfalls and want to climb up here with me because they think it’s better than the lakes and rivers… and no matter how much I would like to help them up here I know that if they can’t stabilize or balance their own weight that we will both fall vs me lifting them up


Re Think

Be Real