The day I took these shots was my first time back in front of the camera after about 2 years Hiatus…..

I remember specifically while I was shooting these shots that when I got to the window I almost forgot I was doing a photoshoot…I looked out up into the sky….It was a beautiful day…I just felt like having a conversation

With who…??

I don’t know…




I asked plenty of questions and got a few answers

Now that a year has passed from the time these photos were taken and many things have come to pass within this past year, now I find myself in a mode where I just don’t have that many questions anymore….but I still do get a few answers
I still gaze out the window on Beautiful days and even the Ugly ones and I just shrug my shoulders

Life is so Predictably Unpredictable

I told my friend the other day….

I have to embrace what I Know is True in my Heart to truly step into the Unknown….

Because I Know

and I have


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  1. Asa
    Asa says:

    I’m so glad that you decided to get back in front of the camera. We are all blessed with a gift, and honestly, yours is modeling and channeling your sexual energy through pictures. You are perfect and your body is like a sculpted work of art. You are gorgeous. I also love your honesty in your writing. Thanks for the updates.


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