Home is Where the Heart is

After almost three years of having just the bare minimum possessions I decided I was going to decorate the space I currently spend the most time in.  Even though I know I won’t be here for much longer I just want to create the Energy.  I don’t have much space, but I have enough to bring to life a bit of Love.  I still want to have open space so I wasn’t looking for any extra furniture to add, just things that have the look and feel that would make me feel at home here.

Within a few hours I went from a plain room to one that just popped.  It has a real Modern Zen Chic Feel to it.  I LOVE my rug and floor pillows because I like to lay on the floor.  I used to sleep on the floor all the time.  I don’t know why.  I just did…sometimes I still do.  I can fall asleep on the floor in here easily now.  I have plenty of candles and of course a small water fall.  Its heart shaped and say “Let Love Flow”….how Beautiful…. A few weeks ago I had bought a small canvas art piece that says “Love Lives Here” with the intentions of putting it up one day when I settled into my new home.  Well I guess for NOW….my Home is right here…..

As they say… Home is Where the Heart is…and after years of being unsettled , I feel like I have finally started to settle down 🙂

It’s so funny I always tend to redecorate when I make a decision to Move 🙂

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  1. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    Home is Where The Heart, Love, Peace and Security, allow one to ease through Life’s Transitions. When you connect and Find HOME, Bathe Yourself in It’s WARMTH!

    Peace & Love Tiara!! 🙂

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