Goddess Embrace

The day I took these photos almost three years ago I remember having a emotional outburst in the middle of the street in downtown Atlanta with my photographer.  It was during the time when I just left pretty much my old life behind me.  I was still shooting with photographers but I just wasn’t FEELING it.

I wasn’t FEELING myself

I wasn’t FEELING the passion

I wasn’t FEELING anything about it

One of the main reasons was because I was still attempting to shoot for my website which meant I was only trying to shoot to put up photos to keep income coming in which is not the reason I used to shoot for in the past.  The few shoots I did do were just..


Nothing in them

On this day, my photographer was attempting to pose me and tell me all these things I needed to do to “sell” myself for branding, for commercials for “work” and the more he just went in the more emotional I got until I just blew up

“I don’t give a FUCK about any of that shit!! I DON”T CARE if I am commercial or not, or if people want to brand me or give me jobs based on how I take a picture…I don’t even care about shooting to update my website…honestly all I want to do is put on a pretty dress get in front of the camera and just do what I feel like doing and you just snap the fucking button!!”

He looked shocked and then just started laughing and said Okay.

So I jumped in the car in the middle of the street and changed into a dress that I just happened to like, threw on some heels and just really centered my energy.  I am not doing then for any other reason except to Feel Myself again.  Feel my own energy. My passion without any intention for it to bring about anything other than my own sense of well being and natural expression.

I wanted to SEE IT

I didn’t know what I would do with these photos, I had no idea if I would ever post them or do anything specific with them because in that moment I just did it for the Love of doing what I do best.

I Truly enjoyed myself that day.

Even when my feet started to hurt and I took off my shoes and walked down the street barefoot I still kept playing in front of the camera.

Femininity is about being carefree, uninhibited in your own expression, comfortable in your self, self aware….and that is what is

Sexy about a naturally sexual being.

I did eventually post the photos and they turned out to be pretty popular.  I feel the energy in these photos is the energy I always remembered being in when I just did me for no other reason than its what I truly enjoyed doing.

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  1. Asa
    Asa says:

    Hey T. I have always loved this set. It is looks so natural. Honestly, I think that we put too much pressure on ourselves. The world puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on us. You are beautiful if you pose a certain way or not. Your energy is so attractive, that I’m sure that even when “you” don’t “feel” the pictures, I’m sure your fans will love them. You are passed the point of having to prove anything to your real true fans, because we already love you the way you are, and it’s you that we love. We love the pictures of course and your sexy energy. But for the ones that truly follow you and have watched you evolve, just know that we really appreciate you for being you. Love You T.

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