Intutive Body Movement

Our Bodies are meant to MOVE.  If you are able to to use your whole body then USE IT!!  If you are only able to use parts of it then USE IT!! Functional Mobility first and foremost to me is the most important aspect of keeping the body in good Physical Condition.  To be able to Move, to Flow, to Feel, to Dance, to Walk, to Run, to have Sex, to Live and be Comfortable in our own Bodies is a key component in general Well Being.  I have always had an innate sense of how to utilize my own body and to listen to it (for the most part) to keep it in good physical condition.  In general there is the biological way the body functions and individually there is specific way your body will work for your that is dependent on your genetics, mindset, emotional state, current physical state, hormones and energy.  If you are willing to tap into your innate Intuition you will find what is most effective and beneficial for YOUR Body.  When you know what Works for you and find enjoyable ways to incorporate Movement into your daily life you won’t feel like it’s a “work out”.  I work with Men & Women in assisting them in Intuitive Body Movement.