Intuitive Sexuality

Sex & Sexuality is an aspect of our Being that must be embraced in order to be fully balanced in it.  Sexual Energy is our Life Force Energy and overall it is are Creative Power overall.  Sex is just one component of our Being that tends to be such a significant factor that when it is out of balance it affects all other areas of our lives.  Having an overall Healthy perspective on Sex & Sexuality means understanding the power of this energy.  To embrace our sexuality is more than just being “Sex Positive”, it’s about being Sexually Aware.  Just like Water it can Sustain Life, Revive Life or Destroy Life.  Sex can be Beautiful or Perverted.  Healthy or Unhealthy.  Pleasurable or Painful.  Healing or Sickening.  Coerced or Consenting.  You get my point…..

Intuitive Sexuality is about being open to our Sexual Nature with a willingness to Explore it and discover how to engage in it with a Mature Mentality, Mature Emotional State & Sense of Awareness.  In a balanced state doesn’t mean there is a specific way you will be sexually, but you will discover your own Unique Sexuality that works for you and engage in it with a Healthy sense of Self.  Being able to tune into our own energy as well as others to feel out situations and circumstances to be Accountable for what we choose to engage in sexually.  It’s about Feeling each experience and deciphering what is in or out of alignment for us.  Most of us want to be comfortable in our sexuality and overall enjoying our Sexual Experience without having a million and one hang ups around it.