It’s Perfect….For Now

“When you seek Perfection All you Seem to Find are Flaws”

“When things have to be Perfect it seems as if they are never Good Enough”

I have been taking photos for years and one thing Photographers have complained about and what other models have questioned me about is the fact that I put up what I tend to like regardless of how it looks….

It doesn’t matter to me if its a bit blurry…if I like it

It doesn’t matter if the lighting is overexposed….if I like it

It doesn’t matter if some cellulite is showing….if I like it

It doesn’t matter if random things are in the background…if I like it

It doesn’t matter if the photo is not magazine quality…if I like it

Nothing really matters…..if I like it

It’s goin up….

To me just because other people may find something “wrong” with the photos doesn’t mean anything is wrong with them to me….It drives some of my photographers crazy though, but I honestly feel like they are Great photos regardless….at least Good Photos

To me I feel like instead of driving myself crazy trying to make everything look Perfect, I just go off what I like….If I like it…It’s Perfect

At least for Now

So what to anything….

It’s not that serious




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