Naturally Stronger

There will come a time where you will have to venture out and hopefully you have taken the time to get stronger within the boundaries of the lakes and rivers you are used to….

Remember those Waterfalls….

It’s not just the Falls that are powerful but also the force of the currents even when you aren’t close to the Waterfalls that can crash your whole body into the rocks.

This day my photographer didn’t want me out on the rocks because the currents were very strong and the water had risen up over the rocks which meant I would have to pose right in the midst of all the chaos.

A few times my hair got caught in the current and it took ample neck and core strength to not let that current snap my neck especially with my hair being so heavy to begin with and water adding more weight to it.

To sit still in the water and hold my body weight against the current reminded me of Emotional Turmoil.  You can’t avoid it, but you have to be able to hold your balance in the midst of it whenever you find yourself in it.  That Turmoil can sweep you away and really hurt you if you don’t have a hold of yourself.  If you can’t feel yourself.  If you refuse to feel yourself.  When you are strong in Mind and Body you can actually even relax and the Force of your Energy against the Force of Nature will Balance and it won’t be anything you have to Fight.

Maintaining Balance is easy in easy situations

Maintaining Balance in Turmoil, Chaos, Anxiety, etc is more of a challenge and eventually we will all have to learn how to do it

What doesn’t Kill you only makes you Stronger

But understand things don’t get easier in life… You only get Stronger