When I took these shots it was right around the time I chopped off all my hair….

I felt like that whatever was happening in my life, whatever all this Energy shifting was about a ReBirth….

Not sure why I felt like that….Even the cutting of my hair represents the growth process, but like how a baby comes out the womb and has to grow into its body, grow hair, learn how to walk, talk and operate…. Thats what my journey these past couple of years has felt like

A couple of the photos in this set I just laid on the ground curled up with Mother Earth as if I was still in her womb but I can’t Incubate forever and I can’t not Grow Up


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  1. chaheen
    chaheen says:

    Tiara, allow me to tell you that it’s because you’re a masterpiece of beauty, those photos become art. Never tired of staring at you and admiring you.


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