Sexual Woman

As a Sexual Woman who exhibits her sexuality there are often preconceived notions, assumptions and misconceptions that come with package.  It seems to be that if you subscribe to be a Sexual Woman there are both negative and positive ideals of who she is, what she is about, what she wants or likes, what she does, who she does….. etc etc etc

Like a role she must step into….

And if she is out of character it throws people off

Orgasms are not a big deal to me …. it doesn’t matter to me if I have one or not when having sex … If I am feeling his energy I just want to feel his energy on that level

I don’t particularly “get horny” …. If I am feeling a sexual attraction I know it… If I don’t…. I know it….. if it’s on… it’s on…if it’s’s not

I don’t seek pleasure through sex, I express it through sex…

I have no interest in “Pussy Whipping” dudes ….. it’s okay if he doesn’t think I “got that bomb ass pussy”

I don’t practice any techniques …….

I think to be solely “sex positive” can easily be as detrimental as being “sex negative” …

Those are just a few things that tend to throw people off about me ……

To Flow Free in your sexuality is to not be bound to any definition of what it means to you and to understand

CONSEQUENCE of your actions and behavior.