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Its been a minute since I last updated the photo galleries….I have plenty of sets and am actually going to be doing several more in the next few weeks…

This past month has probably been the most emotional and it seems that finally one of those familiar Energy Shifts has happened ….

I don’t know What exactly is going to happen…

I don’t know When…

I don’t know How….

I don’t know Where….

I just know its Time…..

Photography by Petey Wheatstraw at

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  1. Asa
    Asa says:

    I been feeling the same way. I been feeling off, almost like I’m a second late on everything. When I read what you wrote I just laughed. I think it is the energy for this time of the year. Its a time to rebuild new structures, habits and rituals and to change and evolve. I have been fighting change, but I now understand that it is impossible to fight against “what is”. I have to just flow with it. Good or Bad. But I know you understand…

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