T Shirt & My Panties On

Once I take a set of photos and look at them…pick some out I might like…I rarely look at them again

I have tons of photo sets on my computer that have never seen the light of day….

Maybe a few shots here and there

Sometimes I shoot just to be shooting….

I don’t really plan to do anything with them…

Especially the sets where I am more so just being me…

Not really focusing on posing or arching or getting all the “right” angles ….

Not tripping of lighting…

Just vibing with the camera…

This set makes me think of that song T shirt & My Panties by Adina Howard and how she was talking to Jamie Foxx and letting him know she was all hot and wet waiting on him in her T Shirt and Panties.  I have taken boatloads of photos in some of the sexiest lingerie and yet I rarely dress in Lingerie for a Man … unless I feel like taking pictures and include him in the process by letting him take them and of course that usually ends in sex.  But that doesn’t have to be just lingerie, it can be anything I feel like shooting in.   I say rarely because I am sure I have…Maybe….as I am typing this honestly I can’t recall just getting into sexy Lingerie for a dude or it ever being important to him.  I recall one time a Man I dated asking me how come I didn’t dress up in all the sexy outfits I shoot in for him and I don’t remember what my reply was but I do remember one time he bought me some stuff he wanted me to wear for him and I was irritated putting it on.  The thigh high’s were too small and the outfit was not something I would of picked out and I was just like….


You Happy NOW….

Needless to say I don’t think he ever asked me again…..

I used to let guys send me lingerie on my website and I would say I would take photos in it for them, but yet every time I received some I had a really hard time shooting in it if I even got around to it.  One – I didn’t like the shit they were sending me … Two – I must have some sort of subconscious rebellion against “getting sexy for a Man” because it seriously irks me to do it for any other reason than for myself.


So needless to say that whole set up didn’t last very long.

When I Am with a man I prefer to just be in what I Am comfortable in.  To “get” sexy for Him doesn’t seem necessary… To just Be Sexy is all that really matters to me…  So Sexy to me is

T shirts and Underwear

Underwear that doesn’t necessarily match



booty shorts and tank top

I think a Woman who is comfortable in her body with herself and with a Man in general is easily the sexiest thing she can do for Herself that is For Him.