Let me blow you a KISS and Keep It Short & Sweet

My Life is an ongoing journey of Self Exploration and Self Expression as a Woman

Femininity  Sexuality  Spirituality  Love  Life  Expression  Freedom

Overall Health has always been a Natural Priority

My Intuition has always guided me

My Truth and Integrity are of great Importance to me

My Story is the Mystery that is constantly UnFolding

 In my opinion Health is the state of one’s overall Well Being which isn’t necessarily solely determined by how one tends to “look”.  Holistic Well Being includes not just the state of the physical body, but also the mental (psychological), emotional, and spiritual bodies.  To me, healthy would be operating in a holistic (whole) state of being experiencing and balancing out all the fluctuating states of Self.  To be Healthy is to be able to flow in in all states relative to your own unique being to achieve/bring back/maintain balance. Its being open to a new perspective on “healing” by embracing all that is in contrast to what “healthy” is.  To flow and be engaged in the process of Life and Most Importantly TO LOVE!!  This is how I have experienced “Health”