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Host a Sensual Her Soiree

As a Host you can invite your friends and family to gather together for an Evening of sharing Feminine Wisdom & Sensuality.  Eat, Drink, Dance, Games & Get a Feel for your own energy.  I will have Waistbeads and Younique One of a Kind jewelry designs in chokers, earrings and anklets.  It can be a Women only gathering or for something Different make it co ed and invite Men to come be a part of it.

Host a Bead Party

A Bead Party is where each Woman can design and bead her own strands of Waistbeads.  Cost is $25 per person with a minimum of 8 people attending.  As a Host you will provide the refreshments and space and I will bring the beads, the charms, the crystals, the stones & and pre made strands.


I participate, plan and collaborate on different events throughout the year in different cities.  The list of events will be updated accordingly

2016 Travel Dates & Events

Current Location

Atlanta Ga

Travel Dates TBA

Host a Soiree or Book a Bead Party

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