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Subscription Support is first and foremost build and maintain this website as well as have access to the extra photo gallery content.  Photo galleries will be updated weekly and all extra content goes into the Subscriber Area. The archives from will also be available of content from the years of 2002-2012 with over 10,000+ photos, videos and diaries.  You have the choice to be a recurring or non recurring Supporter with many different pricing options.  Choose according to what works best for you.

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If money wasn’t a necessity what would you freely do and what would you share with the world?

For me my answer is exactly what I am doing with this website right now.  My heart just wants to express and share everything within me.  My heart isn’t a product, my expression isn’t a commodity, my image isn’t exclusive, my insight is priceless.  I want to freely express all of that so this new website will be operated a bit differently than my previous website.  I do realize support is always needed for anything to thrive and grow.  For me I have always referred to people as supporters whether they were paying or not.  Either way I was supported in all ways to continue doing what I do for 10 plus years.  Of course it would be super awesome to be able to do something I Love to do naturally, have the support system formed by those who genuinely feel they receive a benefit one way or another, and be able to keep providing, producing and sharing more.  So with this website most of the content is freely given from the videos, photo galleries, blog posts, health and fitness information, Intuitive insight, etc.  However I will still have subscription options as well as other ways to support this website and if you find any value or enjoyment in the content then please support in any way you feel is best.  The archives of over 10,000+ photos, videos and diaries from my previous website Tiara4ever is also available on the members side.

I design and create beaded gemstone jewelry for Women and Men.  Necklaces, Waistbeads, Bracelets, Foot Sandals, Earrings and head pieces.

EnLove Jewelry

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