Women of different cultures have been using Waistbeads for many different reasons for ONE specific purpose….To represent Feminine Energy….  Whether its for rites of passage into Womanhood, Fertility, Sexuality, Reserved for a Mate, Health, Meditation, Hidden for personal purposes, Exposed for exhibition, Fashion ….etc etc etc….It all still means the same thing.  To Embody, Be In Tune with and Expressing Feminine Energy through the body from the womb area.

Using Waistbeads for Get Waisted Classes

The Get Waisted classes are designed to assist the Woman into engaging her Womb/Core to not just strengthen and utilize this area but to also FEEL herself to be present in her body.  To become In tune with it so she can use her Intuition to guide her to her personal alignment and balance of Self.  Using the beads enables her to really have to focus on utilizing this area without constriction helping her become aware of when she is engaged and when she is not.  Overtime she will understand this are is to always be engaged whenever in a active state and it will become second nature to her.

It is SOOO Easy to be obsessed with the body…

There is nothing wrong with being obsessed with how the body looks if you like being a neurotic mess :)…On the real though, its not a “bad” place to be in….just an experience of a state of mind….However unless you are a very aware person then you may also be Totally disengaged from BEING in your body….How you look may help you define who you THINK you are, but those definitions probably won’t fit to who you TRULY are… Making that mental shift to not only intellectually understanding but also experiencing who you are and expressing yourself THROUGH your body may not change how you LOOK, but it will surely shift how you SEE your self and how you are able to be SEEN by others who are aware of more than just the physical body.  Be engaged and In Tune with yourself through your body.