****** Please take the time to measure the area on your torso where you want your beads to sit …. Your dress size and pants size is NOT a accurate measurement and neither is your actual waistline if you want them to sit lower on your torso.  You want your beads to not just Be Beautiful but to Fit you Comfortably and complimentary to your Body*****

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I Love Love Love Waistbeads!!

Symbolizing all things Feminine, Waistbeads are and have been a traditional practice among many African cultures.   I also am inspired by Belly Dance and Chains and decorative belts around the waistline.  For me, First and foremost the beads bring focus and awareness to Womb area of the body.  The Womb is the the core of the Woman.  It is where life is created and birthed physically and metaphysically.  To be in tune, aware and caring of the Womb is the embracing of the Feminine Essence of herself.  She understands she is a whole Being physically expressed in Feminine Form as a Woman.  To wear beads for any reason regardless of culture or tradition is a reflection of Feminine Expression.  When a woman is aware of her Womb area and embraces this part of herself she will learn to focus engaging her core from the inside out.  Wearing Waistbeads keeps her feeling that sense of engagement automatically activating her deep inner abs which has been described as a natural girdle to pull in the whole midsection.  This will also strengthen her core without her having to break it down, build it up or bulk it out.   The beads don’t compress your midsection with any outside interference meaning that the woman has to actively use her core muscles without any enabling.

I make them to order for each individual woman depending on what she specifically wants them to represent to HER as well as the color combination. They can be for Cultural Tradition, magnetism, fertility, sexuality, for a specific partner, marriage, fashion, healing, waist training, core strength, etc….whatever she decides SHE wants them to mean for Her.

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